Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Blues

Pantone may have picked a soft tropical hue for the 2014 color of the year, but with this winter season being what it has been over most of the country, I'm just not feeling it yet. It seems the color of choice in current design trends continues to be a moody, deep, dark azure. All the peace and tranquility of blue, deepened to a level of utter quiet sophistication. It can be both simple and complex, feminine and masculine. Beautiful with white, it creates a truly elegant setting when paired with gold or brass tones.

Ooh, that's sexy stuff...

Without further ado: Indigo.

Via Atelier Rue Verte

"Bowls in Teal, Dark Turquoise, Emerald and Lagoon" via Elephant Ceramics.  Photography by Stacey Cramp.

Art styling by Glen Proebstel

Via wasbella102 on Tumblr

Via Pinterest


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  1. Beautiful deep rich tones, love the inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  2. Love those rich colors!

    New follower from etsy :)

  3. Great roundup! Sign me up for a moody azure any day! I find Pantone's choices to be a little exhausting.

  4. oh LOVE that colour scheme. Absolutely gorgeous