Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Make Mine a Double - Bar Carts

Welcome to 2014! Now that your headache has subsided and you're back to work, let's talk about one of my latest great loves: the bar cart. The portable party. Have you noticed it's everywhere lately? And why not? What a great little accent piece! Perhaps it became popular again in recent years due to shows like Mad Men. Could you imagine having a stocked bar in your office?

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And I feel like the classic cocktail culture is coming back like CRAZY, lately...Oh, and bachelors especially take note of this design trend...

Anyway, I got my very own bar cart for Christmas - the one from Target!  And I looooovvvvee it.

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Bar carts are just so very chic. Especially stocked with gorgeous colored bottles and long, sexy-stemmed glassware. I don't even like gin, but you can bet my cart will have a big bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin because of that incredible blue bottle. And finally, a proper setting for my St. Germain, currently stashed in the pantry behind some Ruffles.

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Oh, but that's not all. People have dedicated areas to their beloved bar carts, some decking them out like a prized poodle with pom poms and lighting and such. I also love to see how people decorate an otherwise plain canvas of wall space behind them. Amazeballs, People. Really. You inspire me.

Prop Stylist: Marcus Hay.  Image via

Image credit: Courtesy of the New Traditionalist via

Holy DIY project!  Check this one out!  Image via DailyHaley

Deborah Needleman in Lonny.  Image via Habitually Chic

Rustic/refined, traditional/modern, metal/wood, delicate/massive - there are options for every home and every decor.  And teetotalers! Deck yours out with tea, artisan waters and juices...maybe some potted succulents - voilà!

Not sure how to stock a bar cart?  Here are some ideas!

For more great bar cart inspiration, see my Pinterest board.  I add to it often, so be sure to follow me!

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