Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage Weddings - The Hollywood Glam Wedding

Don't save the drama for your it for your big day.  Think big.  Lots of bling and vintage glamour.  Go.all.out.

1.59 Old European cut diamond engagement ring, c. 1924.  Price tag?  $10,000.00.  And you're worth every penny, dahling...

Gorgeous "Vintage Glam" wedding invitation suite from Shine Wedding Invitations.  They have a myriad of elegant designs to choose from...

The perfect dress...

And for the girls...

A bouquet studded with vintage brooches...

And a parachute ceiling adds to the dramatic feel...

Grand floral centerpieces...

This is one of those "money-is-no-object" types of affairs.  Think over-the-top mid-century movie starlet meets Kardashian drama, and go wild!!


  1. I love all of this - I'm currently planning my wedding (next June) and it's going to be very vintage/country/rustic but it's my wedding so there'll be lots of drama included.
    Great post!


  2. Ooh, Aminah. You should check out my earlier post for the more rutic look:
    Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. LOVE the brooch bouquet. Brilliant.

  4. Aaahh what a grand dream - really beautiful images!

  5. Aaahh what a grand dream - really beautiful images!

  6. I love those pics, that was an inspiring things for a wedding. Great posts, thanks for sharing and looking forward always for more updates.