Saturday, December 10, 2011

Help for the Holidays...

Look at you.  You're ready for Christmas early this year.
Christmas tree up and decorated - CHECK!
Christmas cards out - CHECK!
Shopping done - CHECK!

For the rest of us doing finger math, trying to figure out how it's not still October, I bring a little gift.  A playlist - my Christmas playlist.  I thought of titling it with the year, but this is the playlist I listen to every year.  Buy the songs and play them loud.  There is no better way to navigate a mall parking lot on Christmas Eve than while blasting Mele Kalikimaka.  Trust me, I should know.

It's quite a mix.  Most you'd expect, some you might not, and some that might just make you cock your head at the stereo (for your sake, I did take out "Last Christmas" by Wham!).  Regardless, it comes with love.  So without further ado...(click on the image below)


  1. Very cool!! I've been listening to my playlist the last couple of days...although right now I'm listening to "vintage rock" as a bit of a break!!! Decorating is done, shopping is done (just waiting for one thing to arrive...), but I haven't started wrapping. Time to dig out more Christmas music then!!!

  2. Awesome, Dave! You'll have to share your playlist, too...:)