Monday, August 1, 2011

Vintage Storage

This post is a sort of continuation of the last.  You may have noticed that I added a new category to my shop:  Storage Solutions.  This is mainly for two reasons.  I love rusty metal and old wood, and these things commonly make up the various buckets, boxes, bins, and baskets I fall in love with so often.

These items can add a depth of unrivaled character to a room, not to mention the practical side - they have stood the test of time and continue to outlive many modern storage solutions.  There's also a LOT of cool upcycled and vintage-style items out there for stashing stuff.  Let's see what I have today....

A former chicken feed bin serves as an awesome countertop organizer for the kitchen!  Who woulda thunk?
A soda crate bathroom caddy - awesome!

Locker baskets make fantastic storage containers - most importantly, you can see what's in them.

Or use an old barn wood ladder for storing blankets or towels in a bathroom.

Get creative with vintage tins!

Or let a vintage hardware cabinet be the focal point of a room.
 Vintage items are amazingly useful.  They are classic and durable, and often can be tweaked or upcycled into something else.  They are fun.  They have personality to spare and add a rich, homey feeling to a space.  Enjoy them.

 Maybe you're saying to yourself, "Courtney, those locker baskets are just awesome, but where can I find some?"  Well, I just happen to have - BAM! 

This basket and others available at Bold Sparrow Vintage
What fun vintage or antique storage options have you come across?  Do share...


  1. Love those ideas:), and your blog...

  2. btw, that anonymous post was me.. candi